Competition Venue

Joensuu Areena
Address: Mehtimäenaukio 2, 80100 JOENSUU, Finland

Competition information

  • 12 hour run and 6h run
  • Classes: Women and Men
  • The race will be run at officially measured 325,336 meter long indoor mondo track
  • Start time: Saturday 17th of November 2018, at 8pm. Finishing time: Sunday, 18th of November at 8am.
  • Running direction will change every three hours
  • Service tables are right next to the track
  • Good support is available during the event: sport drink, water, banana, salted cucumber, raisins, potato chips etc.
  • Runners are allowed to use their own support
  • Toilets are located very close to the running track
  • The lap counting will be done with the rfid-system
  • The chip transponders will be provided by the organizers
  • IAU Bronze Label race


The cost is 12h:85€, 6h:60€
You can registrate through this form >> (opens later)


All hotels are located within 2 kilometers from the track.

If you have any questions related to the competition you can contact the organizers via e-mail:



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